Unsettled and never quite satisfied with job and plight, my journey led me to Germany in the spring of 2012. Though teaching brought me here, staying is a result of everything the country and continent have to offer, including love. Each new destination is an adventure. With camera(s) in hand, I hope to capture and remember every bit of what I am seeing and experiencing.


Welcome to my working vacation!


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Hungry for Love

It gets me where I'm going!

Ah, discovering new places. It all begins with a hungry heart and a yearning for more. 

Check out my blog and book titles to open up the world for yourself, learn a little, and satisfy some cravings!


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Boat ride on the Bodensee
Grillwurst and corn, Viernheim
King John's Castle, Limerick
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There are attractive characteristics found in many Germans. They're hardworking, they're diverse in their abilities, they've got plenty of ingenuity, and they're serious (if you like that sort of thing). They make great Bier and Brot, and they know so many differe...

Last night I had the pleasure of being taken onto the U.S. Forces base near Ramstein for some bowling fun. Now THAT was different. And fun! 

Before we could enter the parking lot for the lanes, I had to show my passport, and my companion had to show his I.D. card a...

More and more I have come to realize that my primary life goal these days is to have fun.

This is quite the predicament, because I live in Germany, where Fleiß and being ernst are key personality traits of every Deutsche I've ever met, except Heinie's Onkel N...


Like many Germans, Heinie makes August his annual summer vacation month, and after discussions in the spring, we decided that this year we would discover Croatia.

Kroatien is a uniquely captivating country that makes up the westernmost slab of former Yugoslavia. I...


There was a German barbecue -- a Grillparty -- yesterday at a friend's, but I couldn't go because I have a big dog. 

Actually, he's a very large puppy who with his St. Bernard roots tends to moisten the laps and clothing of humans.

It's understandable that my dog s...


It has been a long time since I've written, and though I get many ideas about blog posts, I haven't followed through. ​​

Why? Well, because on a working vacation, changes can take place at any moment. As a prime example, in October of last year and not uncoincidentally...

Yesterday I read an article posted on Facebook by a friend in Colorado who has begun the LCHF (low carbohydrate healthy fat) or "keto" diet/lifestyle/way of eating. She said she'd lost 9 pounds and her digestive issues had all but evaporated. Great news! The article sh...


Alone together, Heinie and I enjoyed our first day-and-a-half in Ireland -- faulenzen, flanieren, fotografieren, schmausen, trinken, "people-watchen," schlafen, etc.: all the leisurely activities in which we normally engage while on Urlaub

After traveling over 48 hour...

Like the name purports, Ireland is still wild enough to enjoy. (Photo by KS)

Waking up to another rainy day here in Germany, I happily think back to my very recent visit to Ireland, where it rained -- at least a little bit -- every single day. Ah, what a wonder-filled,...


The more time you spend in Germany, the more you can learn just how large and diverse this country truly is. Since arriving here five years ago, I have lived in four different municipalities in three German states. Each new place begins a discovery in itself, because t...

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